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Under His Benevolence …

Under His BenevolenceCoiled Snake Silhouette - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Who can say whether in including my dreams in this spiritual pilgrimage of mine I have been wise or not? It is just possible, and I repeat this without reserve, I might have endangered my own self-esteem in thus publicizing them. Whatever be it, knowing fairly well that I have done nothing objectionable either in the spiritual field or on the social level, why need I hesitate in publishing them? But one important fact here which should not be lost sight of: A word given to the Almighty is a highly venerated thing and is irrevocable, and providence will unfailingly point even to the slightest shirk from it making the spiritual crusader ever so vigilant of his steps. It was this that happened, thus making me ever so awake and alert to every small move of mine. However, if I have to opine on my own individual performance, it cannot be denied that I have failed, I believe, to prove myself equal to the status of a spiritual voyager for the simple reason that I have not been able to meet with the norms, the demands of the path, which I have voluntarily endeavored to trace. I still have in me many deficits, which prevent me to term myself a spiritual voyager. However, allow me to say, I have been and will remain an explorer of this path, to tread on which I have been fortunate enough to receive assistance from various unknown sources, the foremost being the Mother Energy Kūndalini. I always got more than I really did deserve not only in the corporeal and mental sphere, but also in the spiritual realm.

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