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emblem of my heart…

God Ganesh is sometimes identified with the Aum

Starting from the events that forced me to engage myself into Dhyāna, I was helped by my astral understandings, and then by the awakening of my Kūndalini Shakti, the Mother Energy, for which I never entered into any direct and prescribed spiritual path. My activated Kūndalini helped me receive numerous guidelines through clairvoyance and clairaudience, which prompted me to stay firm on my accredited track. All this helped me stand up to vivid unforeseen challenges. In times of difficulty, all this stood in good stead because of which I never failed to receive the much so needed guidance and directions on the path I ventured to tread. And amidst all this I have been graced by the ever so benevolent and worshipable Sadgurudeva. It is due to all this that I am able to open myself up before the public. And the credit for all this goes to the Kailāswāsi Shūlpāneshwar, to Rameshwar, the emblem of my heart, and to Mankāmeshwar, who opened me up from my narrow confines while illuminating my inner self. The pity is that in spite of all this compassion, I have not yet been able to cross the threshold of the Divine Mansion of my Master. And yet, He, my Lord, failed not to let me understand that even though I still fall short of my intensity in my undertakings, I have not lost his compassionate benevolence. My most merciful Master stopped not from keeping me awakened to His compassion through the following dream.Coiled Snake Silhouette - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

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