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‘Should I construct a new plinth?’

“While on my way, I came across a ‘ShivaLinga’, icon of Lord Shiva,  seeing which I at once stopped there. In a short while, water started oozing out from all its sides and in no time did the ‘Linga’ get submerged in the water. I kept on enjoying the soothing serenity of that ‘ShivaLinga’ which was by now thoroughly dipped in the cool water and yet clearly visible. Meanwhile a pastor showed himself up and lovingly implored me to carry the ‘ShivaLinga’ home with me. That very moment a darkish human face, his eyes big, sharp and and full of brilliant radiance, emerged there and kept staring at me. His big, gleaming face was wearing an unfathomable smile. We had in our yard a cemented footing curbed underneath a tree. And I started setting up the ‘Linga’ in the sand that had accumulated
there. The old curb around the cemented area started giving way, and I started thinking, ‘Should I construct a new plinth?’…” The dream ended there.

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