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Prayer…Be a living spark to The Great Eternity.

Open up! Unfold the hidden light, Unfold.

Oh ye mariner sailing the Spiritual sea !

Unfold ! Open ye up! Unfold !

Of the world around, you have in profundity.

Unfold the sails; wait not for gale;

What though the wind waves not a hail !

Fasten thy mast and steer ye straight

With heart within and an upward gait !

If rough be the sea, sail smooth and sound;

Take steer to the lee, be upward bound !

Open up ! Now ! Unfold !

Oh ye lonely, forlorn, solitary stoic !

Open up ! Unfold !

Ere the ‘ Long Night ’ at thy door doth pound,

To Reality calling a Wake henceforth be bound.

Just Meditate ; Simply ‘Be’!

Be a living spark to The Great Eternity.


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