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tempting me to succumb…

Who will not be happy visualizing a ‘ShivaLinga’ in his dream? Again, I dreamt this dream when my heart and mind were inundated with mounting ebb. This dream made me feel that I had with me the protection of Lord Shiva. I realized that at the base of the pastor’s plea to carry the ‘Linga’ with me, there was a deep suggestion of not letting me be away from ‘Shiva-worship’, thereby prompting me to be immersed in devotion of Lord Shiva, the counter part of Kūndalini, the Mother Energy. And that glittering face! Whose face was that? What was his smile suggestive of? And that slipping curb in my yard? What message did it try to convey? Was it asking me not to recede from the much so needed devotion? Alternatively, was it that I was receding from the worship of my Lord and hence was on the eve of losing His compassion for me? No, this is just using our intellect. Such venerable sight comes with a positive innate instinct. If it is not so, then where was the sense in having that propitious sight of that ‘ShivaLinga’ and the pastor’s plead to take the ‘Linga’ away with me? The whole vision had ensued with an encouraging omen meant for my ultimate good and asking me not to sway from my chosen path which prompted pure devotion. No, I will not be away from my accepted path, what if tons of obstructions fall my way. Let the outside attractions pile up to see me their hostage, thus tempting me to succumb. No I Will Not.

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