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Need I call for care benign?

Oh Lord! The very breath of mine,

Oh Savior of this life divine!

To Thee in earnest have I come

All tired and utterly drained.

With a will for final surrender

And resignation all inborn,

In heart-felt total submission

All inward bound come I all torn.

Submitting to the Mighty Thee

This twiddly little self of mine,

Here have I come, me Lord Divine!

In the blessed lotus feet of Thine.

Give me the strength, my Master Great!

I so languidly ever did lack

To walk the path I meekly ventured

With shaky faith in Thee to tread.

That path in inborn love sublime

With arcane care didst Thou design

Lead me on to that delineated trail

With trust so ardently assigned.

Please accept me, my Lord Divine!

Whatever my inward standing be;

Molded in Thy cast I’ve been,

So take me promptly in Thy lee.

Make, mend or mar me,

For perfect I can’t be;

I’m what I essentially am,

So kindly bear with me.

For if you won’t, my Master!

My Protector Divine!

Who else but my savior

Need I call for care benign?

That soothing touch, that fleeting glimpse,

Thine all-inspiring company,

Incessantly prompting me

Through amply assigned goal to Thee.

Let that remain the thirst, me Lord!

Of this heart pulsating in dismay,

Prompting this feeble self of mine.

‘Lead Thou me on,’ is all I pray.

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