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leaving in my heart a devout

And I steadily submerged myself in my ‘Sādhanā’ – spiritual practices – with full confidence that Lord Shiva, the one whose holy sight is ever so auspicious, never does forsake the one whom he once accepts as his own, the Ocean of Mercy that he has been distinguished as, since ages. Why need I be an exception to it? No, He is always there to help me out of any chaos. I was progressing slowly, and one day, while I was in deep Dhyāna, the map of India, all clean, pure and milky white, glittered itself in a sparkling splendor. It made itself visible just for, maybe, ten seconds or so and then vanished, without conveying any message. What was its pure milky hue suggestive of? Was it indicative of an inward purity? But what has purity to do with any country? Yes, true, India is a land of saints. But does it mean that I should leave America for India? It was beyond me to understand its significance. Whatever I would conjecture would be an imagination and through imagination I have to read its message. But how was I going to take Veena with me in her present condition, and stay in India? But then, it was equally true that no vision ever did project on the mental screen during deep steady Dhyāna can be superficial. Any way, I thought of departing for India if I received another message, any hint to that effect, in my Dhyāna or through dream, or from my Gurudeva. Well, no such message was ever received and that map remained an ever unsolved riddle, leaving in my heart a devout remembrance of my motherland, the ever so spiritual India.

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