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some unforeseen disaster.

One day it so happened that I went deep, deep down in my Dhyāna. I had, as always, lost my outward consciousness and was one with my inner ‘Self’. I was still entering deep, deep within me, when I felt that something was warning me from going further within; but I was so much immersed in my Dhyāna that the warning hardly touched the upper level of my  consciousness. However, before I go any further within me, some three to four persons together  vehemently shouted out from the very depth of my being, “It’s dangerous, Dangerous, DANGEROUS!” and shaken from the intensity of my Dhyāna, I came to the upper level of consciousness. Before I could surmise as
to from which depth of my inner self that strongly vibrant caution had emerged, I could not help sensing a typical type of sensuousness that had  emerged from the depth of my being, trying to probe into my mental sheath, and letting me know that I still had in me the lust which will not permit me to enter the inborn purity which harbors my inner being. My heart was thumping, reverberating the feeling that it was because of the timely intervention of that awakening admonition that I was spared from some unforeseen disaster.12_jyotirlingas.pps (861KB)

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