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forbidden to unpious, superficiously loving souls

My intrinsic self had to strive hard to awaken me from my self-indulgent mentality. It also cautioned me against the possibility of my entering that inner layer of my being where does reside purity incarnate. It told me that even the slightest existence of sensuality has no place in the mansion of the Almighty. If my aim is to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple of  my inner Heart, the inborn purity, the lustless Love for the ‘Self’ is the only choice. The unadulterated inborn purity has no substitute in the field of spirituality. It told me too that I was  miles away from entering the threshold of my Lord’s mansion. Dry ‘Sādhanā’ is not the way to enter the Lord’s temple. To expect to enter the Royal Palace of the Almighty with even a tinge of impurity in the heart is bound to remain a dry talk. How deeply the inner essence that prevented me from entering the inner levels of my intrinsic Self has obliged me by those cautioning words ‘It’s DANGEROUS!’ I really do not know. I am totally unaware of the danger that was involved in entering that level, which is forbidden to unpious, superficiously loving souls. But I can never forget that I was spared from a tremendous havoc. After this event, my constant prayer at His doors has remained: “Oh my Most Merciful, I am highly obliged for your having spared me from a great burden. My Father, set me free from the impurity of my mind and may you be with me henceforth and for ever.”

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