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watchfulness on part of spiritual practitioners.

What is the way to free oneself from such carnal desires and mental cravings? When, during our Dhyāna, we are deep within us, so very deep that we forget even our own existence, there too, if this lasciviousness peeps itself out from nowhere, what other hope can we ordinary humans have? ‘Shrimad BhagvadGitā’ has advised to meditate on the ‘ĀjnāChakra’ – the center between the eyebrows – after leaving all the mundane sensualities away and out of the mind. I very well know that at the time of entering Dhyāna, I had in my mind not a trace of any wanton desire, and I was too deep within to invite on my mental screen any such sensuous self-indulgence. These deep deep sensualities have remained a part of our consciousness since ages. However, we have got to get rid of these memory imprints. When such a word of warning floats up, it simply means that this sort of gratuitousness can prove a great hindrance on the spiritual path. This fact asks for complete watchfulness on part of spiritual practitioners.

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