marvel quite unique in its nature/Suicide and the after life

Whatever my condition may portray, the fact remains that I had to take recourse to two cervical surgeries, one in April and the other in July 2002, in the absence of which, I was told by many a doctor, I would have been paralyzed, a timely promulgation for which I am highly indebted to Doctor Sanjog Māthur, the orthopedic surgeon at Potomac Valley Orthopedic Association. This I say because the surgery brought about an inconceivable result not just in my physical state but even in my Dhyāna too. The normal flow of my inner energy had remained highly obstructed because of the stenosis of the spinal cord and the narrowing of the neural foramina. The obstruction having been removed, the vital energy was allowed a free, unhindered surge, which resulted into a natural proliferation of some inward currents making my subtle Prāna work on the subconscious level, the Prānās that were not allowed the natural flow they were pining for because of the obstruction caused by the stenosis. These surgeries resulted into a marvel quite unique in its nature.

Suicide and the after life

There are two types of death with regards to its timing.

Destined final death: This is the time of death no one can escape.

Possible death: This is where a person can possibly die. Each person may undergo a possible death wherein one comes close to death but is saved due to his or her merits. In cases where a person is going through insurmountable crisis in his life or has severe personality disorders, he may think of taking his own life in a depressed state. Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) also fuel the depression of a suicidal person and sometimes are instrumental in pushing a person over the edge into committing suicide. However, suicide remains a wilful act that happens when a person is going through a possible death phase as per their destiny.

The gift of life on the Earth plane of existence is precious and is given to us primarily for spiritual growth. By committing suicide, we squander away this opportunity and become eligible for divine punishment. The consequences are that a person committing suicide goes to the Narak part of the 7th plane of existence of Hell for a period of 60,000 Earth years in his life after death. It is a place that is without any light; something like solitary confinement in a prison. As there is nobody in that Narak region to advise about spiritual practice, the subtle body in this region remains in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.Photobucket

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