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I will abstain not from trying.

It was the sixth or the seventh day of the completion of my cervical surgery and I still had the staples on in the back of my neck. I woke up with a great inner surge, or … or.. how do I put it? .. a stress? pressure? or better perhaps, a great pull in my head. It was exactly 2:10 am. Yes, I had restrained myself from meditating all these days. Deep, strong currents of energy were forcefully flowing from toe to top of my body and I found it almost beyond me to control the irresistible inner urge to meditate. All the energy that had so far remained subsided got itself released, giving rise to a tremendous flow of powerful inward currents. The urge to meditate became irrepressible, and I started going deep, deep down within me. I soon lost my outward consciousness and no more remained myself, thrown that I was in complete background. However, there was something of me that still remained a mute witness to an inner vista that started projecting itself on my mental screen. It was a wonderful and splendidly picturesque phenomenon of which I was but an infinitesimal ingredient. But wait. Was I there? Was I not there, the microscopic existence that I was? But if it was not me, who was it that remained witnessing this astoundingly magnificent thrilling expansion of the most vividly colorful panorama that was being formulated, expanding itself in perfect exuberance, covering the very zenith of this perpetual paranormal phenomenon that crossed all the bounds conceivable by human mind? For, what passed beyond this defies description, it being beyond the power of my pen. I do not really know how to represent the breathtaking magnificence of all that was being displayed on this mental screen. Even to try portraying the resplendent display seems to be beyond my ken. However, I will abstain not from trying.

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