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endeavor to create a universe of its own?

It was 5:15 in the morning. The spectacle had lasted some three hours. Prafullbhai, my brother-in-law, who was then staying with us, had stood agape, spellbound, completely flabbergasted, staring at me, like thoroughly bewildered and at his wit’s ends. It was late that morning during my Bhajans that he talked to me of my stunned expressions of the time. Well, I did not know how I looked at that time. Nevertheless, inwardly I was all elated, all full of some vivid sort of inner exuberance and fully loaded with a profused ecstatic feeling of having undergone an incredible experience,
unparalleled and conclusive in its own unique way. Any intellectual acumen would fall short of the exaltation and exhilaration experienced in that beatific state. Deeply shaken I certainly was, having been overtaken by the stunning spectacle I had become a witness to. What a revelation! And the incomparable wonderment of that color combination! With what can it be compared? How to describe the indescribable? The brilliantly superb fusion of that unique combination! And again, how to describe that magnificently splendid propagation of galaxies, all blooming and blossoming, while being interwoven with one another with those live, sparkling silvery filaments! What else could it be compared with if not with the full plume of a peacock in his magnificently spectacular dancing at his seasonal creative splendor? The beauteous designs, the rounded moonlike proliferations multiplying themselves in exuberating profoundness of wealth and array of colors in each feather of his that we see! Do they not represent the galaxies connected with those silvery threads that seem to connect each such plume in its hidden endeavor to create a universe of its own?

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