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the peacock’s feather

And again, could the peacock’s feather in the golden crown of Lord Krishna be symbolizing the creation of this universe by the Great Lord? For, in Indian mythology as also in Indian religion they worship different deities as per one’s own temperament, but they all believe in one God, each deity, call them Rāma, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu or whoever one can conceive of, representing the same omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Lord of the universe. These naturally include Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Mohammed Paigamber, Tao, Jarathrustra and all. Surely, He is the creator, the preserver and the destroyer constantly aiming at re-creation even while apparently annihilating the non-essential and worn out, with an ultimate aim to sustain the proliferation of life ever eternal. What I became a witness to, was the procreation of this cosmic dance, this individualized self of mine remaining a part thereof. My Gurudev Swāmi Shree Abhirāmdāsji, in his unique way, attributed my experience in these words: “Yes, it was the creation of this universe that you witnessed, and it is a good indication. However, we have not to stop here. We have to go all out for the ‘Darshana’-the holy sight, the realization- of the great Creator, the Lord Himself.” Surely, we have not to stop midway, and Mother Kūndalini knows it. As is She the creator and annihilator of the universe, She is its propagator too. All is Her work, She being the other half of the Great Creator. For, how else did this mind know how exactly this universe came into existence? Who made it be aware of that of which it was not the participant nor a witness? Surely, there must be some source within this structure of ours that must be a live witness to the unique and astounding phenomenon of this mammoth creation! Who else could it be, if not the Kūndalini, the Mother Power, the counter part of Lord Shiva, the All-knowing Creative Principle that resides in every single living being? As for me, Peacock Feather Stock Photosplacing myself under Her motherly tender care, I feel myself ever safe.

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