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experience help keep me ever docile

It takes me to Gopi Krishna’s ‘Kundalini – The Secret of Yoga’ wherein, on page fifty, he elaborates on the work of the awakened Kūndalini in these words: ‘There can be no denial of the fact that the potent Prānic current generated by the body, on the awakening of Kūndalini, is of such a marvelous nature, and acts with such unerring precision and superhuman intelligence, that it reaches the province of the Divine; yet for all practical purposes and in all its physical and physiological bearings, the foundation of the power firmly rests on the biological structure of the human frame.’ This accounts for the feeling when I felt my brain so very heavily stressed that, unable to endure the impact of the phenomena, I felt it being ripped open because of the strain my
brain could take no more. Gopi Krishna further says, ‘When awakened, the live Prānic force, coursing through the nerves, effects the purification of the body and the transformation of the brain to make supersensory experience possible.’(Page 57) My Prānic currents having been freed from the obstruction caused by the spinal cord stenosis, and the subtle channels carrying Prāna having now been opened up, this divinely oriented supersensory phenomena was made a possibility. How very true, how very soothing it is to say in his own words, ‘All the phenomena associated with religion, Yoga and occult lead to supersensory states of Consciousness, to a phenomenal transformation of the inner man! When it alters the output of psychic energy, it may lead to a state of unimaginable glory, to a breathtaking pinnacle of Universal Consciousness.’ Swami Vivekanand voiced the truth when he said, “Whenever there is a manifestation of what is ordinarily called supernatural power or wisdom, there must have been a little current of Kundalini that found its way into the Sushumna. … Whatever the method used for gaining transcendental knowledge or even occult powers, and whatever the intensity of the effort, the final arbiter of the award is Kundalini.”      I cannot but help feeling obliged to the Almighty for His having graced me with this unique exuberance. May this sprightly experience help keep me ever docile.

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