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magnetism of our interior magnanimity.

.Since we are once again with the topic of Kūndalini, it will not be inappropriate to talk about mental agitations with regard to its arousal, especially at the prime stage of its awakening. First of all, it is a new experience for the Sādhaka. Because of the sudden infusion of the life force as a result of a powerful awakening of the serpent power, his consciousness reaches a higher stage which stirs the subtle ‘Prāna’ – the cosmic energy currents maintaining the body – to a great degree, and the Sādhaka eventually becomes aware of their inner flow. He cannot remain untouched and unaffected, mentally or physically, by their emanations. The whole Prānic Kosh – the energy sheath – gets activated, and affects the inner consciousness so profoundly that consciousness becomes aware of its own subtle sphere. This makes the Sādhaka extremely emotional. Consequently, his whole internal being is affected by the smallest of details touching his mental sheath. Every wish of his, his cravings and thirsts, the atmosphere around, hundreds of things, even his food and drinks affect him so deeply that the possibility of his remaining aloof from their effects, from the repercussions derived thereof, can become a far off thing. This ultimately changes the Sādhaka’s angle of vision, because he has now raised himself much above his customary outlook, his previous approach of surmising the corporeal having been changed. Realizing this, we naturally tend to think as to how very tainted we are by the commonplace carnal superficiality. What great importance we give to the trivial physical? It is because of the outward charm of the exterior, the sensual attraction that we have for the
ephemeral, that we remain unknown of the live magnetism of our interior magnanimity.

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