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controller of our individual minds

It is high time we change our perspective as regards our concept of our ‘self’. Unless and until we turn to our inner ‘Self’ and act in accord with the dictates of our Conscience, it is impossible to get even the slightest glimpse of the working of our intrinsic ‘Self’. Take for example the much so loved and most commonly worshipped ‘Ganapati’ or ‘Ganesh’, the Director and Controller of the multitude. Mūshaka –the mouse – is his Vāhana – vehicle. Your vehicle is under your complete control, be it your car, your horse or anything. Ganapati, at once the ruler and controller of our
individual minds, is depicted in the Hindu mythology as having a mouse as his Vāhana – vehicle. He is thus the controller of this never resting, prick-picking, ever so vacillating ‘Mūshaka’-  the ‘mouse’. The modern medical science prefers to experiment on the mouse, realizing that experimentation on the anatomy of the mouse, especially its brain, can best suit the internal working of ‘Man’ in general.

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