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emblem of Cosmic Intellegence

Is not Ganesha, the so called Elephant God, the emblem of Cosmic Intellegence, and his Vāhana – vehicle – Mūshaka – the mouse, the mind of man of which He, being the controller, is the sole authority, an apt symbolism! Think of His big head, aptly suggestive of the fount of Knowledge in his command, His the big ears ever ready to pick up every single ripple of sound arising any where and from any corner of your mind. Think of the capacity of His small, ever so vigilant sharp eyes that can, not unlike a flying kite prone to see a green snake sneaking in green grass, see the smallest of details from any distance. And think of His long protruding trunk having the power to pick up anything, from the smallest of a needle to a huge trunk of tree, and yes, even the slightest of smell, from a distance no known animal ever can. Think of that surprisingly solitary out-showing tooth depicting the inner wrath, enough to keep you on your alert, but devoid of any intention to give you a gnaw, He ever being the ‘Dayāvant’- the ever so compassionate. And again, reflect on His big belly that can hold in it and digest any sneaky ideas conjuring in our minds and yet, notwithstanding our deficits and decay, He is always there with His one foot ever in the readiness to run to our help when such a help is sought of from the core of our hearts. Do all these, with His strong and able four arms, not suffice to give Him the prime place not just in our every day worship, but in any and all the auspicious events enveloping our life?  Of all the gods, he is the first and foremost to be worshipped and as near to us as our mind is, the mind – the mouse – which He thoroughly controls, He being its ‘Rider’. All the above traits and qualifications can go perfectly well with any head of any country who, for his own individual country, has been pronounced the ‘Ganapati’- the head, the all-in-charge of the multitude of his own land, as is Ganesh, the Live Cosmic Intelligence, the sole controller of the ‘Mind-stuff’ of the whole universe. No wonder, He has been allotted the prime place of worship among all the Gods who deserve being worshipped. Ganapati is surely the greatest Ocean of Wisdom and Intellect, the Cosmic Live Intelligence that works untiringly on the cosmic level for the spiritual uplift of the humanity as a whole, while remaining constantly in touch with our erratic, restless mind, the reins of which He fails not to control and direct, once you give yourself up, heart and soul, to the Lord of your life. This much will suffice if we really do intend to give proper justice to the lofty concept of the Great Ganesh, not the elephant god, surely not, but to the Lord of the multitude. Can anybody think of a better analogy and resemblance other than the thus materialized Lord Ganesh, for the ever awake Cosmic Intelligence that rides and controls his vehicle the ‘mouse’, the human ‘Mind’, that remains ever in conjunction with its all-time Controller?

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