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form of ‘Mother’ for the universal uplift

It is practically impossible to comprehend the prime sublime purpose underlying this existence of ours, unless we intrinsically turn and get awakened to our inner ‘Self’. In that inner pilgrimage of ours, this Divine Mother Energy -‘Kūndalini Shakti’- is the main propeller. She is the genesis, the fount, the auspicious surge of which is being aptly guarded by the Great Guardian Ganapati or Ganesh who has His seat at Her door, the very base center Mūlādhār, where Mother Dūrga, the protector Kūndalini, rests vigilantly watchful, waiting for a hearty call from a sincere, loving spiritual pilgrim. That propitious Power, call it ‘Mā Bhagavati’ – Mother Goddess, or ‘ShivaShakti
Bhavāni’ – the Lord’s Energy released in form of ‘Mother’ for the universal uplift – call it what you will; that Mother Energy is a great booster, and its awakening is a must for us, for the simple reason that its activation enables the divine pilgrim to successfully cover all the stages of his ‘Sādhanā’, giving it speed and making it genuinely and propitiously fruitful. That pilgrimage asks of its path-finder a perpetual oozing of faithfully dedicated love based on the edifice of pure sacrifice. This is not possible unless the inner consciousness of the spiritual practitioner is stirred up. Such stirring up of the consciousness is not achievable without the emanation of genuinely single-pointed effort and pure love. I say ‘pure love’ because the worldly self-seeking, egotistic love has no place in it. It demands total subjugation of the ego, the ‘I’-lessness, not just the curbing of the mind, but total obliteration of the temporal attractions and the submergence of the mind in one’s intrinsic ‘Self’. When this happens, Love, in its true measure blossoms up in full flourish. This type of immersing cannot be realized without self-sacrifice, and unless this happens, the entry to the doors of  True Divinity is a far-off thing. I am reaping the bitterness of not being able to fully sacrifice myself, thus being away from maintaining my pledge at the doors of the Almighty. Unless this is accomplished, my pilgrimage to Shūlpān remains far from its fruition.

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