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…captivated by their outward attractions.

dipa_lMy life has been laden with lots of limitations even today. I am not totally free from anger and sensuality. In spite of my endeavor, I am still far away from maintaining my mental poise in times of my praise or my abuse. We may show apathy to such occurrences to prove ourselves indifferent to such superficial things, but if such an occurrence takes even five minutes of our sleep away, then, to that extent, we have not yet succeeded in maintaining our inner equilibrium. It is  not easy not to be oscillated by mental fluctuations in times of ebb and flow. At times like this, it is beneficial to take to Dhyāna and thus lose oneself in one’s own ‘Self’. However greatly disturbed we are, if we can put ourselves into that condition of being oblivious to ourselves, it is a triumphant thing. Not being able to do that, and not succeeding in maintaining our inner poise by using our discrimination at times like that, if we just fake a laugh to outwardly prove that we are not affected by such adverse happenings, we will inwardly put ourselves in undue strain, and to that extent we will jeopardize ourselves by putting our subtle Prāna, to deep agitations. The most secretive of our thoughts and feelings cannot hide themselves from our innermost conscience. I have marked that even a minutest thought coming from someone’s artistically linguistic ability, or from a sensuous sight projected in our mind from a far-off distance or even from our home T.V., becomes enough reason to damage our Sādhanā – spiritual advancement. How very difficult it is to save the mind from the effects of the subtle than from taking it away from the physical? As for me, since the goal has got to be achieved, I thought I would better be aloof and away from the impetuosity of the mundane, from the cheap satisfaction derived from the attractions of the fleeting temporal. And I decided to keep myself  away from such attractions and from the situations leading to being captivated by their outward attractions.

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