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…spiritual practitioner in vivid ways


I have always marked that whenever we take a decision on a particular line, there always is a circumstance ready to try us, to test us. Such circumstances, though born of our own actions, outwardly appear to have come forth of their own accord; or they are presented by the providence on purpose and with a definite aim. I had to pass through a couple of such incidents and, to control myself, I had to take recourse either to the rosary or to Dhyāna. One thing more. Tests and trials stand on the path of the spiritual practitioner in vivid ways. Just as Kūndalini, after being activated, brings forth changes in our internal level of consciousness, so does it impinge on our outward
level, our physical aspect too. Because of  this, the practioner’s body undergoes a great change and excels his usual bearing. His facial expressions shine out with a sort of a brilliance. His eyes sparkle with a radiance that emanates a powerful magnetism, glaring enough to make him be an object of sprightly attraction. It is possible that this sort of pull can affect adversely on the Sādhaka, putting him to tough test, thus inviting him to be doubly alert. I had to pass through a couple of such tests which required me to seek resort to my Gurudeva’s ‘Smarana’ – remembrance –  making my mind be emerged in him and taking me to the state of Dhyāna. This spared me from being involved in self-indulgence. This incident of getting immersed in my own ‘Self’ and thus sparing myself from being an easy prey to retrogression invigorated my endeavor with compound interest quite beyond my imagination. The following dream backed up my endeavor.

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