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FOREVER fenugreek/ Methi

I would like to inform all of you that I am taking this on daily basis and it is really really beneficial.  It really does miracles.  I suggested this to many of the people known to me and they all have got benefited with this some or the other way.  Apart from the inclusion of methi in my food habits , I am taking this two tea spoon full (soaked at night) in the morning in empty stomach.  Breakfast to be taken after one and half hours only, so as to enable it to get absorbed  into the system fully.  It will more beneficial that way. The water is also to be taken in which it was soaked the previous night.

1.     Controls Cholesterol :  Methi help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.  Two spoons of methi seeds soaked overnight and chewed on empty stomach  controls cholesterol.

2.    Controls hair fall:  Methi seeds when soaked and after grinding make a very  good conditioner and add luster , shine to hair. Methi seeds when    ground with curd and applied to the scalp help control hair fall and promote hair growth.

3.    Aid digestion: A cupful of Methi leaves should be lightly steamed and consumed every alternate day as an effective cure for constipation. If taken  with food eliminates toxins from the body. It speeds digestion and slows down weight gain. It improves liver function and fights flatulence.

4.     Lactating mothers : Methi seeds taken with a glass of milk promote milk production in lactating mothers.

5.     Dandruff : Methi seeds are an effective cure for dandruff. A paste of soaked methi seeds, sour curd and lemon juice should be applied at the hair roots to control dandruff and excess oiliness of the scalp.

6.     Anaemia : A soup made of methi and spinach leaves is useful to cure anaemia.

7.     Liver : Methi paste with lemon juice is used to cure biliousness and a weak liver.

9.     Mouth ulcer : A paste of methi seeds should be applied on mouth ulcers for immediate relief.

10.   Inflamed throats : Methi seeds are boiled in water for half an hour till the volume of liquid reduces to half. The cooled liquid is used as a mouth gargle to soothe inflamed throats.

11.   Digestion & body odour : In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, body odor has underlying causes  viz sluggish digestive system, constipation,  accumulation of toxins in the body etc. Methi tea is prescribed to be taken over a period of a month to flush out the accumulated toxins, to speed   digestion and to eliminate body odor.

12.   Swellings & insect bites : A poultice of methi seed paste can be applied on swellings and insect bites to provide pain relief.

13.   Diabetes : Methi provides effective remedy against diabetes. It is also available in tablet form.

14.   Antidote For Skin Problems : They help prevent wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, dryness and rashes. Apply a paste of fresh methi  leaves, mixed  with water, over the face and keep it for twenty minutes. Then wash it with warm water. You can even wash your face with water, boiled with methi  seeds. It can also be applied on the inflamed body parts and as a cosmetic product too.

15.   Good For Beauty & Health : It helps attain hormonal balance in women and therefore, helps in enlargement of breasts. It is an essential ingredient  of many breast enhancer medicines and is widely used in commercial preparation. Also, it helps increase the lactation in breast feeding women. It   can even reduce labor pain and induce child birth in a woman. Moreover, it reduces the menstrual discomfort and eases menstrual cramps…………………………………………HP  Rathod

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178 HIT Songs of the late DEV ANAND

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178 HIT Songs of the late DEV ANAND

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