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Yoga Science of Breath and Laughter for Stress Reduction and Disease…

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laughingyogi1 just uploaded a video  also Do remember Param Bhakta of Shri Ramaji



Yoga is a joy of the soul, Breath, love and Laugh and be happy always. Life is a bliss, enjoy it now. He has done lot of research work to find inner bliss.
He is the founder of Universal Temple of yoga and inner peace in Paramount, California, 1997. He has appeared on countless television shows. He has started Laughing yoga show for the last 15 years. in Los Angles.
He is an internal celebrity Guru to the stars. He has taught many doctors and patients in the hospitals.
He is now a world famous Laughing yogi.
Yogi’s goal is to create a stress and disease free world by practicing the spiritual science of yoga for the new healthy and happy life.He is also running a Laughing club in Downey and Paramount.Energizing your breath is energizing your soul. Yoga means union with your consciousness, so come enjoy the journey of enlightenment.

Be happy, relaxed and enjoy! More

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