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A pomegranate a day keeps the cardiologist away

“Bypass your bypass surgery” by Dr Syed Zair Hussain Rizvi


Two things are full of benefits for the human being, lukewarm water and pomegranate.  Pomegranate is a seasonal fruit in Pakistan so I tried an experiment with dried pomegranate seeds (DRY ANARDANA), prepared a decoction boiling a fistful of dried seeds in half litre of water for 10 minutes, squeezed the seeds, strained the decoction and advised those patients suffering from painful angina to use a glass of lukewarm decoction on an empty stomach in the morning.  Amazing result was observed, the decoction of dried pomegranate seeds worked like a magic, the feelings of tightness and heaviness of chest and the pain had gone.

It encouraged me to try more experiments on all types of cardiac patients so I tried other experiments on patients suffering from painful angina, coronary arterial blockage, cardiac ischemia (insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle),  etc, waiting for a by-pass surgery, the same lukewarm decoction was used empty stomach in the morning.  The patients experienced quick relief in all symptoms including painful condition.

In another case of coronary arterial blockage, the patient started using half glass of fresh pomegranate juice everyday for one year, although all symptoms were completely relieved within a week but he continued taking it for a whole year.  It completely reversed the plaque build-up and unblocked his arteries to normal, the angiography report confirmed the evidence.  Thus, decoction of dried pomegranate seeds, fresh pomegranate juice or eating a whole pomegranate on empty stomach in the morning proved to be a miracle cure for cardiac patients.  But the lukewarm dried seeds decoction proved to be more effective compared to eating a whole pomegranate or fresh pomegranate juice, use of pomegranate in any way has demonstrated even more dramatic effects as blood thinner, pain killing properties for cardiac patients, lowering LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) and raising the HDL (high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol).

There are more than 50 different types of heart diseases the most common being coronary artery disease (CAD), which is the number one killer of both women and men in some countries, and there has been no medicinal cure for this disease.  Many cardiac patients have reversed their heart diseases on my advice using one glass of lukewarm decoction of pomegranate dried seeds, half glass of fresh pomegranate juice or eating a whole pomegranate on empty stomach in the morning.  It was the very first real breakthrough in the history of cardiology to successfully treat the cardiac diseases with a fruit.

The more super foods to obtain even faster results for cardiac patients which are most promising, curative and protective are agents like fresh raisins, quince, guava, prunes (dried plums), natural vinegar, mixture of grape fruit juice and honey in the morning (empty stomach), basil leaves, chicory leaves, powder of oregano leaves and rock salt in equal quantity (in case the patient is not hypertensive) and sesame oil as cooking oil for cardiac patients.

It is regretted to say that treating the heart patients and by-pass surgery has become far more profitable business around the world which has failed to help avert life threatening heart attacks and life time cardiac complications resulting in almost paralyzed life.  Regular use of pomegranate in any way ensures a healthy cardiac life, thinning your blood, dissolving the blood clots and obstruction inside the coronary arteries, maintains an optimal blood flow, supports a healthy blood pressure, prevents and reverses atherosclerosis (thickening of the internal lining of the blood vessels) from whatever I experienced and observed in last several years.

I can therefore say:  “A pomegranate a day keeps the cardiologist away”, you can try and see the wonder.

The antioxidant-rich pomegranate is hailed by fitness experts, health officials and the media

The all-powerful pomegranate. The health benefits of this delicious exotic fruit are extraordinary: pomegranate juice has almost three times the antioxidant potency of an equal volume of green tea or red wine.

And for an aging society that is increasingly health conscious, that rightfully puts pomegranates on a very high pedestal. Why? Because antioxidants help neutralize free radical damage. Free radicals are highly reactive chemical substances that can damage our body’s cellular materials. Free radicals have been linked to major degenerative illnesses and accelerated aging.

According to a study is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: “Pomegranates are proving to be the most powerful antioxidant source available, better than red wine, tomatoes, vitamin E and a variety of other headline makers.”
You know the pomegranate is hot when even the fashion press shouts its praises. A recent article in Vogue magazine exclaims: “Move over, blueberries – it’s all about pomegranates. Scientists have been obsessing over the fruit more than ever. Labs have discovered pomegranates are good for the heart!”

Flex magazine writes: “Pomegranates are a great source of antioxidants, in fact, the juice from pomegranates is higher in antioxidants than any other drink.”

And a Reuters story was headlined: “Pomegranate Juice Each Day May Keep the Cardiologist Away.”

This fruit may also help lower cholesterol, studies show. In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men drinking pomegranate juice significantly increased the antioxidant level in their blood, and reduced oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Other studies indicate a diversity of benefits beyond cardiovascular health.

Time magazine recently profiled the exceptional health benefits of the pomegranate fruit under the heading “Pomegranate Power.” Time writes: “The pomegranate, with its regal crown and sparkling scarlet arils, is the ‘in’ fruit among American’s leading health buffs. And for good reason – it has a tart, refreshing flavor, an ancient lineage, and provides a wallop of antioxidants.”

Pomegranates also contain various nutritious and pharmacological substances such as vitamins (B1, B2, C and niacin), minerals (potassium, in particular), amino acids (glutanic acid, aspartic acid), tannins (punicalagin, ellagic acid) and alkaloids (pelletierines). As a potent source of antioxidants, the pomegranate is rich in polyphenols, which promote heart health.

In a strong confirmation of the power of pomegranates to fight heart disease, studies of healthy human subjects showed why even moderate consumption of pomegranate juice could have significant clinical results.

According to studies at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the cholesterol oxidation process – which creates atherosclerotic lesions that narrow arteries and result in heart disease – was slowed by as much as 40 percent when healthy subjects drank 2 to 3 ounces of pomegranate juice a day for two weeks. Further, the juice reduced the retention of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol that after its oxidation aggregates and forms atherosclerotic lesions.

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