સંત પ્રસાદ ૩/ जब पटल हठा क्षणवार,

Shri Ramपोथी शत शत पढ भये धूंधले नैनन – द्वार

लिखे ग्रंथ दस – बार, बस, धन्य धन्यअवतार! .. 21.

झांक भीतर जो देखिया, जब पटल हठा क्षणवार,

था पोथी – पांडित्य सब, ज्ञान न लेश लगार. … 22.

ज्ञान जान बस बाहरी, ‘गर भीतरकी ना पहोंच,

आप ठगे बस आपसे, व्यर्थ हीन संतोष. … 23.

बिन डूबै खुद आपमें खूलै न ज्ञानन – कूप

जा भीतर चिन देखियो, आप ही ज्ञानस्वरूप. … 24.

बिन गुरु ज्ञान न सहज है, बिना ज्ञान सब खाक,

ज्ञान, ध्यान बिनु भक्ति ना, भक्ति ध्यानपरिपाक. … 25.

भाव धनु, शर उर – शुचि, और ध्यान बने शरचाप,

तीनो मिल जब हरि सधे तो श्याम सुहे उर आप. … 26.

छोड, छोड सब; साध मन, अंतर रख विश्वास

जबतक ना भीतर गया, व्यर्थ सकल बकवास. … 27.

गुरु, गुरुवर सब जन कहे, कहनसे गुरु ना कोई,

सदगुरु मिलन न सहेल है ‘गर शिष्य न गुरुमुख होय. … 28.

सच्ची करणी जो करे, साधनशुध्धि होय,

ऐसे साधक शिष्यकी गुरु – खोज न निष्फल होय. … 29.

अंतरसे जो उजला, जिन गुरुबिन ना ‘वै चैन,

उस साधककी नीवकोखुद गुरु पोंखत दिन रैन. … 30.image (3)

Side B –  UNJHA Aashram  – nirguna very brave and heroic woman. There dhuma – the puma manthara and that’s going to give that information. For some reason, one of the three queens of the storm, but the wife of Rama and Rama I hear you want to hear, there is a difference, listen to it. Ram does not wish antarakalaha. Ear than at instillation mantharane success. Nirguna sacrifice that you have the blessing of the calls, send the Ram into exile and set the throne of India. If a crooked art of playing the way he cut kholija.  @ 713min.  manthara say, you saved twice king Dasaratha, the gift of your time-consuming. Corporate building nirguna mantharana explained it to you. The next thing to hear.  @ 1306min.  Dasaratha had the occasion to hear a lion hunt. If you want to hunt a lion, but it was not, it was also nirguna. Nirguna question because he had died. Alternative to the idea that the brave heroic girls are in my house? His proposed alternative and nirguna condition that they are the offspring sit on the throne. If such a political event was called bharatane Why not? Why not janakane brought in? Perhaps no one fits the rule is inactive. Manthara girl is not too friendly. In the past it was customary to send someone. Valmiki Ramayana it is written that the matter shall be brought before the throne of Ayodhya is Ram.  @ 1817min.  risani you want to know that is nirguna.   Kaikeyie saw that he had the same opportunity and the future of my bharatanum will get worse.  @ 2153min.  kaikeyie said you gave me the blessing to me. Nirguna offensive to say that you were glad to have the blessing of my bharatane set throne. Another blessing that Ram to send the 14-year life. Shocked at the heart of the storm, he said nirguna palms bharatane I succeeded in setting sends Ram into exile. Nirguna not budged.  “raghupati riti sada cali ai, jai na prana jahu bacana you to”  stay in the ashram was an elderly person because I did not hear it. Kaikeyie it did not either give my blessing, I will commit suicide. Tulsidas writes, you kill your husband is sitting within the ruling fits, you have to be a widow.  @ 2759min.  Dasaratha saw things only got worse, and now it is not likely to improve. Yes, I said to him that I was enthroned I also understand that I am now ready to leave the wounds left. Ram wrote,  “pratara bhavami vasudha dipa varti cakra, soham vrajami vipinam jatilastapasvi”  Many people think that you just like Rama Rama I’m running in my mind was the idea that I am the sovereign king of the Friar himself assumed the role I’m going to build a life. One of the two events could offer many cagadole that girl can not do anything much. Ramayana tells us that a three – four sons and a chance to share the wealth when you are at home, we do not care button. If you want bharatane were called before the coronation, if such an event would have had nirguna faith. Jay mataki winner.  @ 3046min.  caritramanthi rsio and devotion to the saint.  @ 4601min.  Bhajan – An all-you Mr. Hari universe. 
Hanuman Jayanti 2

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3 responses to “સંત પ્રસાદ ૩/ जब पटल हठा क्षणवार,

  1. Sharad Shah

    અદભુત અને અસલ સંતવાણી. પરંતુ આ કયા સંતની વાણી છે તે જણાવશો તો ગમશે.

  2. chandravadan

    गुरु, गुरुवर सब जन कहे, कहनसे गुरु ना कोई,

    सदगुरु मिलन न सहेल है ‘गर शिष्य न गुरुमुख होय. … 28.

    My Hindi is not good.
    Able to read but unable to write.
    Nice Poetic saying of Guru-Chela & the deeper meaning of this Relationship.
    Hope to see ALL @ Chandrapukar !

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