સંત પ્રસાદ ૫ चितदर्शन किस विध होय?

Shri Ramसच है, बिन गुरु ज्ञान ना, गुरु बिन मिटै न मेल,

शुध्ध न मन, करणी कटु, फिर गुरु – मिलन ना सहेल. … 31.

राम श्याम मुखसे कहे, जैसे शुकशिशु मुख,

नामजपन वह व्यर्थ है जो दिलसे विरस – विमुख. … 32.

गुरु बिन ज्ञान न सहेल है, बिन गुरु मिटै न दोष,

जिन मन – अंतर गुरु बसे, वह खोय न कबहुक होंश. … 33.

गुरु बिन साधन सहेल ना, बिन साधे गुरु न्होय;

बिनु साधन कछु ना मिले, ना प्राण ही परिपूत होय … 34.

प्राण जगे जीवन झगे, फिर गुरुकॄपा ना दूर,

गुरुरत मन गुरुमय बने, फिर हरि ही नैनन नूर. … 35.

जब जीवन झंझट हटे, और साधन – शुध्धि होय,

मनमें हरि बिन चैन ना, तब गुरु ही तारक होय. … 36.

मन गुरु – हरिमें रत रहे, लिये अटल विश्वास,

श्रध्धा परिप्लावित बने, मन पुलक ऊठई हरिद्वार. .. 37.

भवबंधन भरखी रहै, जो रंग – राग मन चूर,

बिन छोडे जगझंखना मुक्ति दूर ही दूर. … 38.

जीवन – प्लवनका झूलना भवसागरमय होय,

रंग – राग मन संचरे, फिर मुक्ति किस विध होय? … 39.

जगसे मनको खींचकर, अंतरमें न डूबोय,

मनकूप मेल न ऊलचे, चितदर्शन किस विध होय? 40 …image (5)

http://www.sachchidanandji.org/cgi-bin/playlect.cgi?../SATLECT/mp3ss253.htm:SATLECT 9

Side A – PARIVAAR GRANTH – RAMAYAN – UNJHAA Ashram – family scripture Ramayana – construction of the monastery – Maharishi Valmiki Ramayan narrative viracita talks are ongoing. – What is family? He was not alone in the effort. It has been designed in such a way that “एकाकी न रमते” I do not enjoy alone. What is the form of the Potter family carts were to switch over to listen to a sincela memorable first run. Each family names is as raw and ripened memorable first run. Those whose intelligence is rough and raw matalum the same as anything else bharamavela understand and vice versa. @ 5.59min. Nibhadano understand the meaning. He was not sad, not seeing the suffering, which can not be tested. You do not need to test copper gold test is not perfect. In the event that you are doing the test. Ramayana and Mahabharata also a raw matalum forth a raw matalum. Sitae points to bring the Ramayana, Rama did not stand up and say something to say. Ram and Laxman who was going to have to spend a day Sita not to blame. Reproach not a man constantly on your back, what are you vayabresana. And you also seem to think the opposite. @ 11.50min. I currently can not accept. The man who is constantly living in the past, not the future he will make it. We have always been talking Pushpak aircraft. Future production may be the same as that which is currently one of the legs and feet upadelo second place in the future where he is seeking. Each one has four eyes, two in front and two behind. Culture – Culture can be watched later and watched with his eyes come from the future. Listen to an example. @ 14.27min. Actually have a family. Rama’s father, mother and brothers are separated but not burst. A broken man – is to hate another. Crash the rupture of relations. He does not understand love. Tite, which I love and will kahevayaja. Relationships and breaks. There is a belief that God is premarupa. I love Krishna. Everyone has their own definition of religion is a convention in London. A boy suphiijhamani defined “LOVE IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE” Mr. Muhammad disorder is the same debate that same love of God. Was composed of the same God. Knowledge kudavanum do not have to sit quietly. A parsonage book “Krishna and Christ,” hear about. @ 17.55min. Swami Sahajanand Swami completion of the “Top of document” speaks. “Jai Swaminarayan” speaking. Tulsidas wrote “राम सच्चिदानंद दिनेशा” he glanced at the parsonage of mind, I hear it. Pastor says, if someone special I believe God Krishna perfection, sarvaginata appears. @ 21.07min. Jain righteous one question – but I would be married? And listen to the answer. Ragani female devotees, but also nutrients and nutrients. “याज्ञ्यवल्क्स्य द्वेभार्ये मैत्रेयी कातयैनि च” Upanishad schedule and hear about their wives, Maitreyi and katyeyi. @ 25.07min. You can serve it and serve your manabhajavanum bhajavanunja. The world is a brahmavadini writes in his lover. Knew him to be alone and the end of life, to the welfare of his soul. Maitreyie did not want me in the house, and I give everything katyeyine with you coming over soon. Maitreyi schedule spoke very highly of the role, the essence of it – so there was an element of the family should know how to live and what you chutatam should also know how to swim. @ 31.40min. Ramayana is a family disaster – has been involved in tribulation, it is the same reason that I was a raw matalum. Ram and Laxman went out in search of takers, we regret. Rama hear something you like so you do not have to wait such a majanum also wept. She sat there, did not he condemned Sita Ram sitae be not blasphemed. This is characterized by love. Furthermore, the grafted rose is love. @ 34.29min. Ramayana two wonderful characters, surapanakha and hear about the bed. Perhaps this is a self-sacrificing love is the love vasanavalo surapanakhano. Sabarie not married, 80-year-old said. Matanga metaphor in the salvation of all ascetics, gradually gained momentum going, get away from the pace of salvation sabarie Enjoyment also refused and said that I am the sage munione service. Perhaps this is no bhiladi. @ 37.28min. The work will have a 70-75 year old gentleman Gaur race, bright face, Persian, English, Hindi scholar like him to handle. Lilalabainum Poetry “an ethno-ray RECEIVED vatum kijie” hear about. @ 42.27min. Swamiji says, one day I would ask the gentleman, and he will not say anything. I know that this is no ordinary man. West Salem came to hear her speak to one another. I spoke to a gentleman that “औरतें मर्दोंको घरमें बिना आगसे जलती है उसको तो कोई कुछ कहताही नहीं है” Then they opened their hearts and hear all about it. Remember, if you have a successful marriage and failed upadhi.

http://www.sachchidanandji.org/cgi-bin/playlect.cgi?../SATLECT/mp3ss254.htm:SATLECT 10


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  1. Agyan timirandhasy gyananjan shalakaya;
    chakshu: unmilitam yan tasmai shri guruve nam:

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