હનુમાન જ્યંતિ

 Just increase your knowledge through courtesy of Dr. Rajendra M. Trivedi
“Yug sahastra yojan per Bhanu!
Leelyo taahi madhur phal janu!!
Here is a line in the Hanuman chalisa
“Yug sahastra yojan per Bhanu!
Leelyo taahi madhur phal janu!!
1 Yug = 12000 years
1 Sahastra = 1000
1 Yojan = 8 Miles
Yug x Sahastra x Yojan = par Bhanu
12000 x 1000 x 8 miles = 96000000 miles
1 mile = 1.6kms
96000000 miles = 96000000 x 1.6kms =
1536000000 kms to Sun
NASA has said that, it is the exact distance between Earth and Sun (Bhanu).
Which proves Hanuman ji did jump to Planet Sun, thinking it as a sweet
fruit (Madhu phal)..
It is really interesting how accurate and meaningful our ancient
scriptures are..Unfortunately barely recognized, interpreted
accurately or realized by any in one today’s time…
GAYATRI MANTRA” the most powerful hymn in the world
Dr.Howard Steingeril,
an american scientist, collected Mantras, Hymns and invocations from
all over the world and tested their strength in his Physiology
“Hindus’ Gayatri Mantra produced 110,000 sound waves /second…”
This was the highest and was found to be the most powerful hymn in the world.
Through the combination of sound or sound waves of a particular
frequency, this Mantra is claimed to be capable of developing specific
spritual potentialities.
The Hamburg university initiated research into the efficacy of the
Gayatri Mantra both on the mental and physical plane of CREATION…
The GAYATRI MANTRA is broadcasted daily for 15 minutes from 7 P.M.
onwards over Radio Paramaribo, Surinam, South America for the past two
years, and in Amsterdam, Holland for the last six months.
“Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi,
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pra-chodayaat !”
“It’s meaning:
God is dear to me like my own breath, He is the dispeller of my pains,
and giver of happiness.
I meditate on the supremely adorable Light of the Divine Creator, that
it may inspire my thought and understanding.”
This is information worth remembering and to know
http://www.sachchidanandji.org/cgi-bin/playlect.cgi?../SATLECT/mp3ss1047.htm:SATLECT     11
Side A –  SATSANG MAATE KONA? DANTALI Aashram – satsang for whom? Dantali monastery  – Shiromani Sant Tulsidas viracita variation tale he is running the event, what she should attend the satsang? Satsang is for whom? Satsang is the alchemy for whom? The discussion is ongoing. Remember the words. Curious, eye, ambition, despair and lust. Are the only ones I need to learn to win. Means curiosity, the desire to know. Know the nature of God, the soul will know the form, the form of religion is to know, to know the dark forces he needs to learn to win. Like the speaker and the listener, but three of them are curious audience. “rama kavana pucho muniraya”  Who is he? Who is God? This is a curiosity. If you do not have any curiosity to know that your heart is full of inertia. He has not been rigorously curiosity. Initially there is a curiosity. Bhardwaj years, the Ramayana story that is doing what is God? Chisel and digs his own curiosity I found a gem of a day, to get maleja.  @ 522min.  Shiva and Parvati that Shiva, Parvati and her curiosity to compromise. The more knowledge you have of his knowledge, his reputation is vital if you are to benefit. I would like to know who it is curious, the bondage, suffering aspirant said he is willing to serve. Binding of gold or iron restriction in the bandhanaja. Lodham men are like your home, you may want to break your chutatum mohani not have much depth. It is the iron Bedi. Also a good job – is to run a business trip. He has the desire to serve mumuksuta. Ramayana three speakers who meet curiosity and inquisitive audience of three.  @ 1000min.  life has been a very big disappointment, stress to your life, then what? I do satsang. Tulsidas wrote a very nice thing,  “jaba bahu kala karie satsanga, taba hi hoya moha bhrama bhanga”  So you do satsang will ukelata your questions. You said yourself that it is true. I do not go to someone else who is very distressed. Doha ethic wrote,  “rahimana nija manaki vyatha kahiye aura na koi, suni athilai loga Click on saba, banti custom koi na lai”  Sadly, I did not dwell in thy house. This issue is known to enjoy the suffering of others. It is sad, and it’s a pain to do? In other sorts of suffering and pain, it will automatically be relaxed. But the pain inside will force you’ll be smiling bear smiling. No suffering can not be eliminated. “Raghunathanam jadiyam, avoided the nine avoid someone” to take the blessing, he was a tax-collector, man, let it cure my cough. At work I have to go to the doctor could cure. @ 1531min.  Hear the word of a gentleman, annoying disease of cancer for two years, but no one treated for facial cuts. Please understand that God knew that God gave sametavano time. Do not be reluctant to intentionally hurt someone, when your organs are kayi cancer that can not be replaced. Grief is so proud too soon. The man is suffering, disappointment, and frustration, the pain I listen to the story. Abhimanie listen to. Listen to an example of the movement to oppose each other in Indore. If a scholar, his pride is not wise, but as long as there is not a saint. The soul of the man proceeded to listen to it. @ 2233min.  gentleman America is a friend of the husband of his own money – one of his works.   How high is your confidence and how strong is the basis for happiness – are affected by the earthquake. Nisadani watch out, Laxman I heard that,  “kou na nija sukhaduhkhakara data krta karma phala bhoga data”  is not a happy one, and it does not hurt anyone, I enjoy their karmoja. Happy to have the qualifications to be happy killing. One person had three mamo. I did not go into debt for a living, in the second half for the boy was suffering from’re finished, what better than an orphanage. The Bania son was fifteen and a multi-million dollar business owner has varseja. Prodha age seems to get into the third one, which I had to resort to the twenty-five years.  @ 3817min.  Laxman said this was borne our grief and we are migrating back saying standpoints, no rule of Ayodhya and said now is not the handles Engage and Listen to quit the kingdom, and my father told consolation. Both say, kausalyajine say that I come after fourteen years of service and my mother is the code.  @ 4035min.  Ramayana era has changed all that. Pandava era. Nothing in there but the elderly are prone to doing, but I have not the strength to move me. Bhimathi could not move past, when Shri said, “You sevana elderly males are discriminated nine, religion without matina dhariyam attention” means you can not move me. She is also the night to night service and understand that this is in my savayi. @ 4222min.  standpoints anything wrong this time he was anything wrong this time. Ram tells us that we are now ahead. But a coast reached the tribal men gathered together. Just jump on the role of milk vadana. He came to a village fair in an effort Girnar, says that he saw bharathari and gopicandane, because he had long jatao and I was not as well.  @ 4725min.  nitikare wrote that never wise not to dash the mohe can not be met. He is also wearing pants saint. Hair kapavelo man is a saint. If you went out to look like the outside of your hand will not be a true saint. Three Ram, Sita and Laxman made ​​Friar outfit. How to cross the Ganges? Ramayana is a wonderful character. Here is the character of the institution. Stems stood on the shores of the Ganges and the boatman to bring the boat. If you’ll be happy to see the poor man’s lordly.

Hanuman Jayanti 2

Hanuman was born on Chaitri constant conflict, which we have celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti. Veer Hanuman meant that fail because of political deft statesman, Hanuman the master of oratory. Shri Hanuman vidutra politics, psychology, literature, etc. sarvagunothi tatvasthana No. 5 was nna. Sarvagna such person is a devotee of the Guru’s no vipationo face? Therefore contribute to the unique beauty of Shri Ram’s successes marutanandana. Such sarvagunasampanna him, even though they expect the price was just pride. They’ve always lived Shri Ram worship. Ram Hanuman gifts of life, most of us grew up jayanre vs. 5 tti long ago. Sriram past takers invention gave laborious task he had taken lived.
Shri Ram and Hanuman had complete confidence. So jayanre ravananam brother Vibhishana to accept or not to accept the judgment of Hanuman movements have also caught the theater sugrivanam uvekhine opinion. Shriram past only as a devotee because the man did not recognize him, he never knew a tremendous amount of force. Shri Ashok vatikamam Beast was prevented by suicide. They not only vidvadhana, was a heroic soldier. Them to undertake any task hearted sort of rationality. So they were burned Lanka’s single sword. Shriram important functions of any emergency, seconds Hanuman was always the same. Shri Rama was brought up on the medicinal question indrajitanam maranasaiya saved. To combat the destruction of Ravana, Rama Shinta news sent past. Mr. hanumanajinam squeaked Such actions are noted in the theater instead of the Ramayana, the company of your grandparents, just replace the above seem important to me, but I can not afford to pay back. Sankara was the 11th incarnation of Hanuman. Among the dignitaries who are immortal and are now turns hajara

image (7)                 His monkey flesh is the same spiritual message.

Shri Hanuman is a sense of emptiness. It is said that it was a curse, the force – to remind them of the merits of intelligence, and until he does not remember. Lord Shri Ram met before Shri Hanuman monkey like a normal life was to spend sugrivana protection. The impurities are mentioned, they are an extraordinary force, intelligence, and vakcaturyana vivika was lord; But Shri Ram Milan housed before any of his extraordinary work description is not available. Sugriva guardian of the above findings, making it one of the seer remained silent. In this way, detection of the rod protruding maternal depression, even when the monkey army jambavane them unless their force and were not motivated by samatharyanum recollection, remained silent until theyimage001

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