Rare Pictures of Narendra Modi-



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Rare Pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Living as a Sadhu in his Youth
The following are some rare pictures of prime minister Narendra Modi living as a sadhu in himalayas in his younger age. According to Lord Krishna, the spiritual knowledge of Bhagavad Gita was originally meant for the raja-rishis, the saintly kings, who would help guide society with that divine knowledge.
evam parampara praptam
imam rajarshayo viduh
– Bhagavad Gita 4.2

“Through the spiritual chain of parampara the saintly kings understood this spiritual knowledge of yoga, union with the divine.”
Let us pray that for first time modern India will be guided by a raja-rishi, and society will again be governed by dharma.
Sitting on the banks of the Ganges in the himalayas.
Here are some other rare photos of Narendra Modi in his youth when he was working for RSS.
A picture of young Narendra Modi in which he is seen as a volunteer of National Cadet Corps (NCC).
14 year old Narendra Modi is seen participating in a school play at B. N. High School, Vadnagar, Gujarat, playing the role of 19th century chieftain Jogidas Khuman who waged a principled armed struggle against the then rules of Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

COURTESY Kishore Modi

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2 responses to “Rare Pictures of Narendra Modi-

  1. Very nice historical pictures gallery . Very useful to know the personality of

    Shri Narendra Modi , now our Prime Minister . We should be proud of what

    he has achieved durind his roller coaster life .Long live NaMo.

  2. Dhirajlal Soneji

    Real Bharatiya…..!!!!! Frank and Honest Patriotic and Trustworthy Personality. History Creator. Second after ShyamPrsad Mukarjee Deshbhakt

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