St. Mary’s Altar, Krakow , Poland
Corsica, France
Queen Victoria Clock in Chester , England
Waves crashing Cornish coastline Feb 1, 2014!
Secluded beach Amalfi Coast , Italy
River Seine, Paris
Milan, zodiac sundial, 1768 created by the Accademia di Brera – Summer solstice the rays strike the bronze on the floor and for Winter solstice it stretches to the meridian.
Assos, Kefalonia Island , Greece
Millau Viaduct, France
Switchback Mountain , Tianman Hwy, China
Lighthouse in Sunderland , England
Gate opening to Lake Como , Northern Italy
Medieval village, Perouges France
Astronomical clock, Prague , Czech Republic
St. Petersburg, Russia up close
Preachers Rock , Norway
Sheeps Highway, Ireland
Dorset, England
Turquoise River, BC , Canada
Vinhedos do Douro , Portugal
Artic Cathedral , Norway
Peles Castle, Romania
Underwater Roller Coaster in Japan
Victoria Falls, Africa
The Kremlin, Russia
Micheldever Wood, Hampshire , England
Rocky village, Liguria , Italy
Basque, Spain
Balls Pyramid off the Eastern coast of Australia
Massive Vietnam cave discovered in 2009
Lightening on Eiffel Tower , Paris , France

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