Dimly it burns, oh!


Dimly it burns, oh!

Dimly the flame burns,

The light of my inner lamp

Ever so dimly burns!

The cavern of this mind forlorn

Is pining for I know not what;

The sinking solitary sieving eve

Doth cast the pinkish glow ashore.

Time it is for this cooing self

To greet departing withering bye;

Wherefrom, then, this lurking light

Gushed glowing in this heart supine?

Right on the brink of this mutinous self

Some hidden pining warmth doth peek

Making this heart lightly blink,

I know not why, with a hidden hint.

Come, me Lord! Come; greet the doors

Of this lonesome, seething solitary self

Long pining in its secluded serge;

A solace be to this heaving elf !

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