Mu.Nareshbhai more present than the living man.

Mu.Nareshbhai has departed this world.
He has left us in peace.
He has left great memories behind with us
which we will cherish all of our lives.
He who has gone,
so we but cherish his memory,
abides with us,
more potent,
more present than the living man.
One of his teachings –Sadhana, devotion, we move a few steps ahead, but we also fail at times.  There are situations, when thoughts about the material world are stronger, and detachment from this world becomes weaker.  You may repeatedly contemplate about detachment from the material world, and try to concentrate on God, but it is difficult.  It does happen that when there are bad days, how much ever you try contemplating on God, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on Him.

People get frustrated and say, “What to do?  The mind is not under my control.”
If you scold your mind, it will react negatively.  You were concentrating on God and suddenly your mind started thinking about your son.  Now if you scold your mind as to why is it doing this, the mind will get more disturbed. So, first of all, be calm.  Let your mind go wherever it wants to go, and then visualize the form of God in that place.  If your mind started thinking about your son, visualize the form of God in your son.  If your mind starts thinking about ice cream, place God in the ice cream and concentrate upon Him.  If it thinks about the cricket match, imagine that God it standing in the field.  So, in one way or the other, tie your mind to God.

This is just as a monkey is unsteady by nature.At the end of the Ramayan, Tulsidasji says:

“O Lord! The mind of a monkey is very restless by nature.  If you tie a scorpion to its tail, what will be the condition of that monkey!  And if that monkey gets hysteria, then how restless will it be? Further, it is made to drink alcohol!  Just imagine the condition of that monkey.  My mind is similar to the condition of that monkey.  What can I do?”

But you must have seen how the monkey trainer controls the monkey. On the first day, he ties a rope around the monkey which is 100 feet long. The monkey has to jump and play within 100 feet.  The rope presses its neck.  It cannot go further, else the rope will hurt his neck.  The next day he reduces the rope to 80 feet.  The monkey wants to go beyond, but the rope hurts his neck and hence he learns to jump within that limit.  Slowly, when the rope is reduced to 3 feet by the trainer, the monkey thinks, “Leave it.  Let me stay quiet and lie down right here.”

Now that energetic and restless monkey is totally under control.  Our mind is similar to this monkey.  You need to tie this mind with the rope of Shree Krishna.  Imagine God wherever your mind goes. , imagine Shree Krishna to be standing there. Shree Krishna is standing on the beach with his flute.  If your mind thinks about Taj Mahal, imagine Shree Krishna standing on the marble stone.  Just like the monkey, the mind will come under control.  It will be bound with Shree Krishna wherever it goes.  Slowly, the mind will come to rest in Shree Krishna.  This is the solution.

Note that this is not just your imagination.  It is a fact that God resides everywhere, and we have to realize that wherever our mind goes, God is present there.  Keep practicing this way and it will only happen when you practice  dhyan, or meditation on the form, constantly for some time.  Close your eyes and imagine your personal form of God to be in front of you.  To strengthen  dhyan in your mind, imagine that you are dressing your God.  Imagine as if you are decorating Him with a beautiful necklace and offering Tulsi at His lotus feet.

So, by constantly meditating like this, your  dhyan will get stronger.  And when that stage arrives that as soon as you close your eyes, you can see your God’s personal form in front of you, then you  do not have to worry.

To attach your mind in God, it is very important that a devotee practices  dhyan.  During devotion, wherever your mind goes in the material world, place Shree Krishna in front of you.  Moreover, decorate Shree Krishna with your mind. By doing this,  dhyan will become more firm and deeper.  And our love for God will progress in leaps and bounds.

This was what I perceived:

From the very depth of nothingness, – that nothingness which had in its embryo not even the glimpse of the slightest prognostic formation, – there emerged a deep, dark, unfathomable hollow negation that profiled itself against some hidden oblivious positivity, giving rise to a  beauteous most lotus-like proliferation that came into an exuberant existence full of multicolored magnanimity. And what magnificent beauty did that amazingly colored lotus exhibit,- a lotus so very big and freshly blooming, as much in the magnanimity of its size as in its colors, colors mainly glittery, gleaming purple, tinged with a lively golden hue shaded with silvery blue tone! From that colorful propagation, there emanated undulating tiny silvery threads, vividly pulsating and prolonging themselves into a vast expanse, forming at the same time zillions of multi-dimensional hexagonal shapes of uniformly rhythmic sizes mainly of effervescent golden-violet with some outstandingly shining hue disseminating themselves in boundless magnanimity covering all the boundaries of some self-promulgated existence. It was not just some light beaming in its radiant luminosity. It was Life itself that had come to liveliness, liveliness deep and profound, the unfurling outspreading Life from which sprang up a brilliantly coloured galaxy vivaciously circling and expanding itself, munificently pervading the boundless bounds. The whole panorama filled itself with luminous waves of molten silver, an effulgent ocean of freshly Awakened Consciousness, the Consciousness that went on expanding around and ahead, covering all the directions, giving rise to other similar forms and figures of multicolored shining hue mainly of silvery gold, advancing spontaneously for miles and miles on end. This again went on extending while being linked by innumerable other similar silvery threads from which again started proliferating similar multidimensional forms of uniform shapes and sizes. And lo, there again originated another brilliantly colored galaxy expanding radiantly in the boundless expanse. Thus did the panorama continue unfolding itself  into galaxy after galaxy after galaxy till the sprightly proliferation went on expanding in search of the very zenith of creation extending itself to such an unendurable length of time and space that my potential to digest the timelong phenomena reached the very acme of endurance. The spectacular marvel reached a stage where I could endure the magnitude of the stupendous phenomenon no more. My head felt like bursting itself on account of the incredible stress it was weighed down with. The impact of the stunning happening was so great on me that unable to endure it any longer I gave out a shout lest my brain should rip itself open. And I found myself seated in my bed, quite involuntarily too, to see Prafullbhai at the door of my room. But shaken as I was right from the bottom of my being, unable to control myself, I started vainly elucidating the phenomenon in the words that simply would not articulate the way they should. And thoroughly out of coherence, I kept on mumbling: ‘Oh, what a wonderment! How very breath-taking! It was fabulous! Spectacular! Marvelous! Astounding! Stupendous! Oh, how do I explain it? Oh!’  And in time, I came to my senses and to the surface of the worldly bounds.

It was 5:15 in the morning. The spectacle had lasted some three hours. Prafullbhai, my brother-in-law, who was then staying with us, had stood agape, spellbound, completely flabbergasted, staring at me, like thoroughly bewildered and at his wit’s ends. It was late that morning during my Bhajans that he talked to me of my stunned expressions of the time. Well, I did not know how I looked at that time. Nevertheless, inwardly I was all elated, all full of some vivid sort of inner exuberance and fully loaded with a profused ecstatic feeling of having undergone an incredible experience,
unparalleled and conclusive in its own unique way. Any intellectual acumen would fall short of the exaltation and exhilaration experienced in that beatific state. Deeply shaken I certainly was, having been overtaken by the stunning spectacle I had become a witness to. What a revelation! And the incomparable wonderment of that color combination! With what can it be compared? How to describe the indescribable? The brilliantly superb fusion of that unique combination! And again, how to describe that magnificently splendid propagation of galaxies, all blooming and blossoming, while being interwoven with one another with those live, sparkling silvery filaments! What else could it be compared with if not with the full plume of a peacock in his magnificently spectacular dancing at his seasonal creative splendor? The beauteous designs, the rounded moonlike proliferations multiplying themselves in exuberating profoundness of wealth and array of colors in each feather of his that we see! Do they not represent the galaxies connected with those silvery threads that seem to connect each such plume in its hidden endeavor to create a universe of its own?

And again, could the peacock’s feather in the golden crown of Lord Krishna be symbolizing the creation of this universe by the Great Lord? For, in Indian mythology as also in Indian religion they worship different deities as per one’s own temperament, but they all believe in one God, each deity, call them Rāma, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu or whoever one can conceive of, representing the same omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Lord of the universe. These naturally include Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Mohammed Paigamber, Tao, Jarathrustra and all. Surely, He is the creator, the preserver and the destroyer constantly aiming at re-creation even while apparently annihilating the non-essential and worn out, with an ultimate aim to sustain the proliferation of life ever eternal. What I became a witness to, was the procreation of this cosmic dance, this individualized self of mine remaining a part thereof. My Gurudev Swāmi Shree Abhirāmdāsji, in his unique way, attributed my experience in these words: “Yes, it was the creation of this universe that you witnessed, and it is a good indication. However, we have not to stop here. We have to go all out for the ‘Darshana’-the holy sight, the realization- of the great Creator, the Lord Himself.” Surely, we have not to stop midway, and Mother Kūndalini knows it. As is She the creator and annihilator of the universe, She is its propagator too. All is Her work, She being the other half of the Great Creator. For, how else did this mind know how exactly this universe came into existence? Who made it be aware of that of which it was not the participant nor a witness? Surely, there must be some source within this structure of ours that must be a live witness to the unique and astounding phenomenon of this mammoth creation! Who else could it be, if not the Kūndalini, the Mother Power, the counter part of Lord Shiva, the All-knowing Creative Principle that resides in every single living being? As for me, placing myself under Her motherly tender care, I feel myself ever safe.


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