Unfold ! Open ye up! Unfold !

02સૌને હાર્દિક આમંત્રણA


Open up! Unfold the hidden light, Unfold.

Oh ye mariner sailing the Spiritual sea !

Unfold ! Open ye up! Unfold !

Of the world around, you have in profundity.

Unfold the sails; wait not for gale;

What though the wind waves not a hail !

Fasten thy mast and steer ye straight

With heart within and an upward gait !

If rough be the sea, sail smooth and sound;

Take steer to the lee, be upward bound !

Open up ! … Now !! … Unfold !

Of ye lonely, forlorn, solitary stoic !

Open up ! Unfold !

Ere the ‘ Long Night ’ at thy door doth pound ,

To Reality calling a Wake henceforth be bound.

Just Meditate ; Simply ‘Be’!

Be a living spark to The Great Eternity.


Life cannot be lived by dry philosophy, nor can it be beautified by sheer imagination. Life is much more than fantasy and philosophy. To enrich it, let us learn to look at our own lackings, our pitfalls and short-comings. It is they that give meaning and value to life, and enrich it. Being blind to them is being blind to the very Cause of Life.

Be watchful, vigilant, and ever … ever awake.

Be enriched and remain ever so happy. … Amen.

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