Merry Christmas everbody Awake, oh living emblem


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“Awake, oh living emblem

Of kindly, loving Light Divine!

Behold the shining virtue

Of hidden sacred love sublime!

Lo! At thine earthly chamber

Doth peace eternal ever shine ,

For there no truth, no beauty,

Nor goodness ever doth decline.”

Wherefrom doth rise this beckoning,

A ‘Call’ so full of hope benign,

A ring endowed with hastening

For beauty, love and lure Divine?

But still to me, oh massive lump

Of flesh and blood of sanguine dye,

Thou art a surly swelling dump

That prompts me, oh! to Lord defy !

There !! … All but lost in flirting flight

Of madness and of fancy free,

Lo! What a shocking smothering sight

Seems surging! Oh! At whose decree ?

For what I see is all so cold

A conglomeration of venomous parts;

All sinking, wringing I behold

A hovering host of hungry hearts : —

The heart that sinks in gulping greed,

The heart so trapped by caste and creed

The one that jolts all life asunder

And to self just clings in wonder.

The heart devouring pomp and power,

One so lost in mean maneuver,

Full drunk with pride and prejudice,

And love all mixed with deep malice.

Oh!  Human hearts! So sore to see,

All dripping, bloody, panicky,

A lustful gust of longing fleet,

A holocaust of dreamland sweet!

Stop! Stop! No more my heart can take

This sickening sight so full of fake;

Stop, stop! Oh drum of dull despair,

Thy somber sound I shun to share.

*  *  *

Nay; Hark! Wherefrom doth rise this chant

So charmed with mystic melody?

Behold, oh heart, in dull resent

Miss not the oozing rarity !!

The heart that pines for beauty

To ease the thirst of inward eye,

The heart that longs for duty

To comfort many a surging sigh!

The heart in greaf fails not, nor flees

From strife, but boldly bears the share,

The heart that seeks the inward bliss

Untouched, unbowed by worldly care!

The heart that strives for knowledge wide

To get a hearty fill of yore,

All bent to take a dip inside

And think no more of outward lure!

And there, oh joy! What beauty!

The light doth dawn, oh heart supine!

Lo, hark! Oh Living Deity,

The distinct ‘Ring’ of the Inmost Thine!

Oh Heart! Oh Eternity!

If Thou doth simply cease to feign,

Thou sure, oh Living Beauty,

Shall Love the Lord thou doth disdain!

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