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Most people thought canola oil should be healthy, but in fact canola oil is one of the worst foods on my list.

When you buy any of our alkaline cookbooks, you’ll never see canola oil in the ingredient list. And there is a pretty good reason behind it.

The main reason why canola oil is not healthy is because the canola oil found in supermarkets has been heavily processed. From the website of a canola oil manufacturer,, they indicated that “The refining process involves degumming, neutralization, drying, bleaching, and deodorization.”

And this is what really makes it unhealthy.

This applies to the rest of the vegetable oils (sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil,  flaxseed oil).

Due to heavy processing and refining, it creates a high level of instability in the previously beneficial fatty acids. These molecules become extremely fragile, causing some of these vegetable oils to go rancid very easily, especially when exposed to heat.

And it’s not just when used for cooking that they are exposed to heat. When consumed, high temperatures inside the body are enough to cause fatty acids to oxidize, producing free radicals.

Try leaving canola oil out in the open for a week and you’ll notice that it turns rancid.

Having discuss all the bad things about canola oil, you still can use canola oil when it’s unprocessed. Look for the organic or “cold pressed” canola oil when you do your groceries.

When the oil is cold pressed, it means that the oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit or seeds with the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses, which are found in large commercial operations.

Otherwise it is better to use other cooking oils. So what should you use?

1) Extra virgin olive oil – I won’t recommend cooking with this oil as it has low smoke point. But it is suitable as a salad dressing that will make your salad delicious.

2) Coconut oil – In my opinion, this is my favorite oil for cooking. It has higher smoke point than olive oil and it tastes good too. Besides cooking, it has plenty of other uses too.

In fact, here’s an article that I’ve written for coconut oil and why you should use it.


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Saaol Zero Oil Sabzi – YouTube

Jan 4, 2015 – Uploaded by saaol heart center

A vegan (dairy-free plant-based) oil-free diet can prevent obesity, minimizeThanks a lot Dr. Bimal Chhajer this is very inspiring, I cant wait to  


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    બાકી , એટલી બધી આવી જાહેરાતો આવે છે કે, શું સાચું અને શું ખોટું? – એ મુંઝવણ જ રહે છે.

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