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5 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Taking Milk!


5 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Taking Milk!
As kids we were made to have milk every day and were told that it’s good for health. But that’s not true. While for some people it works wonders, it’s not for everyone. According to new research, not taking milk can save you from a lot of health issues.


1. You will lose weight


You will find lactose in all dairy products which is a form of sugar. The sugar content in dairy although minimal is enough to elevate your insulin levels. If you are trying to lose weight, you would certainly want to normalise your insulin which also play a big role in losing weight.


2. Your digestion gets better


Lactose is not easy to digest for everyone. Lactose intolerance can cause diarrhea to develop and even worsen. During digestive problems, it may still be okay to eat yogurt and hard cheeses because they have no lactose, or you can try lactose-free milk.


3. Bones become stronger


Your bones will be more strong! Yes don’t be surprised it’s not us who are saying this. According to the 2014 study in British Medical Journal, researchers found that people who drank milk regularly were more prone to hip fractures!


4. You will cut risk of cancer


According to the Swedish researchers, dairy hormones are the probable culprits in boosting the quantity of insulin-like growth factor in your blood, a hormone that’s been shown to fuel cancer cell growth.


5. Will feel less bloated


About 75% of the world’s population can’t break down lactose, the sugar found in milk. This condition is known as lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerant, bloating is a common side effect according to a 2009 Baylor College study. So next time you have no clue about feeling bloated, curb your intake of milk and other dairy products.


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