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Marriage and CovidSomeone has said:When a man is born his marriage is also decidedWith the death.Will the person who says this be indicated towards the beauty of death?Or towards the horror of marriage? – Udayan ThakkarHow long should the marriage be postponed during the Covid period? This is the confusion of the married young women. How to meet up? Not all things are understood online like this. And somehow met and arranged then when to get married? How many should I take care of? This year everything is getting harder. And what if one of the bride or groom got infected with the virus on the date of marriage? Two of these made last week. One happened in twelve districts of Rajasthan. On the auspicious day of marriage, the girl became Covid positive. Local authorities asked to postpone the marriage. But it was inappropriate to miss the moment, so the groom, the daughter and the cowboy completed the wedding ceremony wearing the PPE kit. The second creation is from California, America. There also the girl was declared Covid positive three days before the marriage. What to do now? Marriages were postponed three or three times due to this earlier pandemic. And their marriage license expiry date was also on that day. Marriage license? In some states abroad that you have to take a license before getting married. If someone else has a problem, he can take a problem. There is also a date for the validity of this license. So then both of them decided that now they will get married. So the bride stood in the balcony on the first floor and hung down a long flower-rolled ribbon. The groom puts the second piece of flowery ribbon in his hand, the interference happenedAnd the pastor completed the wedding ceremony. Son and girl used to read the study of Da Duna, they finally read it. And then they went into isolation. Everyone wants that this does not happen to the people going to get married… What if it happens? And after marriage, how to maintain in the Covid period?This year is a weak year. Meeting before marriage, dating is difficult. I mean, pandeting (pandamic+dating) is difficult. And still getting married but there is no joy in life. In the Covid period, there will be concern and tension between the newlyweds in financial and personal matters. But the good news is that when the time of trouble comes the groom and the bride are closer to each other. If you are with me then what do I lack or when something goes wrong.. you support me with my feeling. See, in good times everyone looks good but true nature is understood only when there is time of trouble. And what else will be a harder time than this? Now in this time, the bride and groom will not have any problem for the whole life. Keep it written. His birth is a successful one.Yes, it’s time to understand each other. It’s normal to be in stress today. If the partner’s speech and behavior is strange, then do not take it to mind. I have been accepted as I am! Isn’t it? Everyone should have their own personal time i.e. me-time. But now that’s not important. Meu-time is needed right now. Spend as much time as you can. Financial matters can be discussed with open heart. If you discuss with each other, you will find people connected to a medical business among relatives or friends. Keep in touch with such people. What to do if possible infection seems?- It is necessary to think about the forecast strategy. And coming at that time (by maintaining social distance! ) Who will stand by your side? – It is also necessary to think about it.British author Fay Weldon says marriage is a difficult subject. Those who want easy time should not fall in it. But we say that the present time is the best to fall. Terms apply.  · See original  · Rate this translation

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