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સ્ટાઇલમે રહેનેકા…

Stay in style, not in fashion..

May be an image of 9 people and people standingમારી પ્રથમ વિજેતા એકોક્તિ અને અન્ય વિજેતા તથા પસંદગી પામેલ કૃતિઓના સંગ્રહની બીજી આવૃત્તિ પ્રગટ થતાં આનંદ.
સંપાદકશ્રીનો આભાર💐

.Then Mankode took Bhau Varnagi dress,Fashion changes in rafda after seeing this;And the curry case was cut in the hanging,The nest is light, what is this called funny! – Dr. Have you seen FirdausIsraeli fashion designer Alber Albaz says – I don’t like perfection. I think it’s a danger. Nothing happens after perfection. What is perfection? Perfection means perfect condition, height, high dose in the height of the tune, damagelessness, excellence reaching perfection. That’s why fashion is not perfect. See, Italian fashion brand Gucci removed the glasses that are also uproar.He is being criticized on Twitter, jokes are being made on him. Especially the criticism of its price is reasonable. 56000 rupees glasses. Here you go! American Iranian novel writer Porista wrote, ‘ What do you do? ‘Then wrote in another tweet that’ this whole year has been like that, I understand now. ‘ Everything has been uprooted in this whole year, and if you want to see it, you have to wear glasses. By the way, according to the Gujarati Lexicon, ‘deep glasses’ means wrong vision, illusion.Fashion is not permanent. Permanent is not a fashion. Gujarati has given a meaning to fashion in Lexicon: popular customs, customs or style. But in our view that is not the true meaning. ‘ Popular ‘ and ‘ custom ‘ are two contradictory words. Fashion is an expression in which beauty is appreciated. Clothes, shoes, hair art, red lipstick or black glasses on white face.. But that is a traditional expression, today’s talk. When we speak ‘ fashion ‘, there is no need to put the ‘ latest ‘ specifications ahead. Fashion is the latest. Fashion is the latest change in the custom.About fashion now though people are aware. No one gets mad at fashion like mad. Now we are aware of the environment. ‘ Spend now, think later ‘ don’t do that anymore. The year has gone by. Even if the sixth is not drought, still the glasses worth sixth thousand are not worn? He is also a blind man. Charak Rishi had said that drink ghee even after doing debt. Because ghee is necessary for the body. Where did he say that do fashion by doing debt. Isn’t it? What is the use of such a fashion, which has to be thrown away when it ends. A Dutch company is renting the latest fashion jeans. The most up to date jeans. Gonna give back in the year. And then the other one to take. Wow!Words fashion and style are used together but there is a temporary difference in them. Fashion is coming from outside. Style is your granddaughter. It is also said that fashion may be of one’s own property, one’s own money but not of style. Style is the expression of your imagination. Style is your own unique style. Fashion is the bond of time, style is timeless. One’s style, one’s style should be such that it becomes fashion for others. Let the other follow you. Plain and straight glasses also become your style. We have always found actor Ranveer Singh’s clothes, glasses and makeup strange. Why does he do that? Don’t know. But I don’t need to follow her even if I like her. Because my style is different, my own. Style is based on religion, society, politics, culture, society, weather, business etc. Fashion is the seasonal. He comes and goes. And yes, fashion is expensive. But it is not necessary that style is expensive.It is said that fashion feels good when you feel good from inside. And when you like yourself from the inside, count the other’s favorite disliked Shid? Just, don’t be a laureate, stay clean, keep smiling. Quit the fashionbation. Staying in style. Don’t wear deep glasses. Don’t be in the delusion. Iti.

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