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Unpresidented: It never happened, whatever happened was bad….Sad year said in the ear, should not have happened, a lot happened – Yamini VyasHow was the year? Hey brother! Never seen this. We should hide our face every day throughout the year. Don’t be able to show your face to anyone! This is what it feels like? Don’t see the cheeks of the beloved. And the Dr. In the words of Mukul Choksi, it was like that the caravan of my 84 lakh vehicles drowned in the pit of your cheeks… But now where is that loving imagination? And the poet R. P. In no words ‘ your cheeks are blooming and when you are laughing, it is said to be smiling, Hasina! ‘-It is not said anymore. Because wearing a mask doesn’t mean you can’t see the bloom, and you can’t see the smile. Poor lover! And if somewhere.. the mask slides away slowly slowly… the police will be fined forcefully! According to a news, Gujarat police raised Rs 93 crore in 9 months as a fine from the maskless people. And the economy is.. brother brother. So many businesses have been destroyed. Of course the hospital sector was full but the hospital sector was shy. Shopping mall collapsed, e-retail development was amazing. And there was a time when Yahoom went shopping but those incidents are now in contactless home delivery. The reason is the same. If the caution was removed, the disaster of Covid decreased. There is a strange combination of Covid and co-morbidity. If there is another disease, Covid will be dangerous. Then only sorrow comes to mind! What can be one word of the year, that describes the situation of the whole year? Dictionary. Com had declared his ‘ word of the year ‘ as a pendamic word but last week he gave the People’s Choice Award and the word is ‘ UNPRECEDENTED ‘. Dictionary. According to Com’s senior research editor John Kelly, the entire year has been pendemic, protest, presidential election and extreme climate. How do you say it in one word? And so we asked how was that year? And the people said: Unpresidentified.According to Gujarati Lexicon, unpresidented means for whom there is no previous example, rare, new, exceptional. The original word is ‘President’ which means: A further example to count the base, decisions, judgement, e. Ahead has been something that can be compared with. The original Latin word presadier. It means ‘Go Beefor’. The one before this. The President is what has happened before. If you feel ‘un’ in the future, then reject it. If something new has happened, something that has never happened before, then it is called unpresidented.This year the word has brought the weave of food, but this word is unreal. That just shows that this is new. This has never happened, whatever happened, it happened a lot. Any good thing can happen that has never happened before, that is also called unpresidented. The word has brought a battle of negativity this year, as American writer and youtuber John Green says every loss is unpresidentified. Every loss is a loss that has never been done. Unpresidentified can of course be a word of rights. As American author David Wolf says we are living in unpresidented prosperity. So there’s a rail of equipment everywhere. Here you go!This year may be the view but next year should be such that in which good and good happens. That is why before the period of vaccination starts, the virus will stand and run away. Then there is no need for rapid antigen or RTPR. So that the option of petrol diesel is discovered and get rid of this daily price hike (mostly hike). That is why those who are bent on talking go straight away. That is why the money hidden in Swiss Bank is automatically deposited in the Jan Dhan account. That is why no sister and daughter will be tortured and if it happens then the culprit will be provoked in public. And yes, won’t be sad. When you are hungry, you get food. I mean, particle to an ant, elephant to a mind and man to get food in the quantity between them. That is why donation can be given but helplessness can not be seen anywhere. Everyone gets the opportunity to move forward. And it also happens that even before the natural crisis comes, it gets super salvation. This is so unpresidentified. But it happens but true. What do you know? It happens like it has never happened before. And yes, this idea is good to keep the heart happy!The word left:′′ You think your pain, your heartbreak, in the history of the whole world, is unpresidentified, but then you read.”-American author, poet James Baldwin (1924-1987)- Paresh Vyas

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