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Happy π day-π on the IBM quantum computer.

Calculation of ππ on the IBM quantum computer and the accuracy of one-qubit operations
G. A. Bochkin, S. I. Doronin, E. B. Fel’dman & A. I. Zenchuk
Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Information Processing Quantum Information ProcessingCalculation of $$\pi $$ π on the IB…

A quantum algorithm for the calculation of ππ is proposed and implemented on the five-qubit IBM quantum computer with superconducting qubits. We find π=3.157±0.017π=3.157±0.017. The error is due to the noise of quantum one-qubit operations and measurements. The results can be used for estimating the errors of the quantum computer and suggest that the errors are purely random.

Pi Day became an annual Exploratorium tradition that still goes on today, and it didn’t take long for the idea to grow exponentially, hitting a peak on March 12, 2009, when the U.S Congress declared it a national holiday.
Also known as March 14th, Pi Day is when mathematicians and math lovers around the world celebrate pi, often approximated to 3.14, which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.
The first calculation of π was done by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.
One of science’s greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, was born on March 14, 1879, at his family’s home in Ulm, Germany. He shares his birthday with Pi Day, a celebration of this special never-ending number.
Technically no, though no one has ever been able to find a true end to the number. It’s actually considered an “irrational” number, because it keeps going in a way that we can’t quite calculate.
Fun Pie

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The oldest known pie recipe was for a rye-crusted goat’s cheese and honey pie in ancient Rome about 2,000 years ago.
There are nine states with pie as their official state dessert or official state pie.
Everyone loves pie, even your favorite celebrities.
You can play a board game called Pie Face (if you really want to get whipped cream in the face).
There’s a baker/artist called @ThePieous who creates incredible pie art with crust. Check out her Instagram feed for a tasty treat for the eyes.

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