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Paraprosdocian: I was high but not sure now.A man is fun, a year, a straightforward person, but if you hit him, then you are locho.- Amrit injuredThe first row of injured sir describes the characteristics of a happy man. We feel that in the second row this man would have been more praised by the injured sir. But if you drop the toko in the second row, then there will be talk of chemical locha in the mind of the same person. Read the second row then you have to read the first line again. When Gabby won the match and series at our Gabba, read the second row and then read the first sentence again, the viral message on social media just now. ‘ Pujara played one to four in the afternoon. Now don’t say that all the people of Rajkot sleep the whole afternoon! ‘ If you read the first sentence, it seems that it is a statement, in which Pujara got beaten by Australian fast bowlers on the pitch on the last day of the test match but did not give a shock. But if you read the second sentence, it is a new thing. And then the continuous fresh Vamkukshi of Rajkot residents alias the desirable specialty of sleeping in the afternoon becomes humorous. And in that context we have to re-read the first sentence. Paraprosdokian is a word for such written or spoken sentences. Just got crowned as President and Vice President respectively by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Divided States of America. Four years later the Democratic Party government is ruling instead of the Republican Party. A quote from American humorist actor Bill Rogers (1879-1935). Re-discussed. Mk ‘ I’m not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat! ‘ So the Democrat party is not organized! Not organized or organized! Read the second sentence so you can understand the meaning only if you have to read the first again. Famous singer Hariharan’s Ghazal album ‘ Vakt Par Bolna ‘ is a wonderful ghazal whose poet’s name is not remembered, its first share is: Whenever you meet, smile, where do you bring so much happiness? He knows right. But then comes ‘Pass is there some fun in this..’ We think that man should go close to man, the fun is in that only but see the next misro. ‘…… Where do you cheat from far away! ‘ means there is a fraud in the name of man. You will be cheated on. But it is better to be cheated by going near than being cheated by staying away. Isn’t it? The first misro to be re-read is paraprosdocian.Paraprosdocian is an English word made up of the original Greek words. ‘ para ‘ means opposite, vice versa and ‘ prosedocia ‘ means expected. Paraprosdocian means the opposite of expectation. And when that happens the laughter is made. This is a big weapon for a comedian or a satire. Thus the paraprosdocian has been called since the past. As the philosopher Aristotle said-‘ I wear my feet over… Folla ‘ wasn’t even in this paraprosdocian word Adikal. This word was first published in English satire magazine ‘Punch’ in 1891 Mk re-read and understand the punch behind it-that means. Laughter is born out of which the unexpected happens. You can also call it anti-climax. As Oscar Wilde said when I was young I thought money was a very important thing, now that I’m home I feel like money is an important thing! Or so…. these Americans are weird too. Selects from two candidates for president but for Miss America there are fifty contenders. The paraprosdocian of the British royal churchill is known. They said diplomacy (diplomacy, diplomacy) means you tell people to go to hell… but to say it in a way that people are locked up to go there. He also said that men occasionally come up with the truth and eat it but then walk away with the dust of their hands and legs as if nothing has happened.There are some such sentences which have one meaning but if you read the other way, someone will be different. This is the fun of language. Poet Shri Vinod Joshi had said one thing. There was a poster of a Gujarati film – Odhu to Odhu your chunddi. So the heroine is saying to the hero that I will wear only your chunddi. But then if you look at it, it also seems that if I take it, then I won’t! In English it is called the ‘garden-path’ sentence. Some smell leads you to the garden but it comes out different from that. Like I Convince Her Child R Noizi. So to whom did I explain? To that mother or her children make too much noise? That’s then I realized her kids make too much noise. Read again and make a different meaning. This is also a paraprosdocian. Two meanings can happen. How are you both? The answer to a question is that she is good and I am complete. Complete means it’s over! The English word Finish means completing and complete means also completing. But I’m finished so?! in short it’s all a word game. Read once and again without any change, if you read the same, then the meaning of it will be another.Women can make a man fool, but most of the men look like this, they are selfish in being fooled. My wife and I were so happy for twenty years, then we two met! Thus paraprosdocian sentences are infinite. Adam and Eve and that serpent of the Garden of Eden, knowledge is a curse, isn’t it?The word last:′′ There is no special problem in life if you come and do it in life. But when there is shock, there is a lot of trouble.”-Charlie Chaplin

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