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Ultracrapiderian: Paresh Vyas

Ultracrapiderian: Not an expert but I will give advice..
Bon Shapiro is an American political commentator / media host. Many books have been written. The right is the advocate of politics. So they are against communism or socialism. They believe that development can only happen in an environment where there is free competition. The words left wing and right wing politics came into existence during the French Revolution in the eighteenth century. France’s Lok Sabha (Estates General) had members who were against conservative policy. Their seating arrangement was on the left. That’s why they are all called leftists. The rest of the so called conservatives are right. Bon Shapiro is himself right and his fourth bestseller book of the year: ‘Authoritarian Moment’. According to Gujarati Lexicon, authoritarian means the dictator, the person of the party of obeying the established power. I’m saying the truth!! Usually right minded people are authoritarian. Also Bon Shapiro argues in this book that the leftists are no less authoritarian. They believe there are many institutions in America that are currently under the control of the left and should be free. Bonbhai uses a nice word here: Ultracrepidarian. They say the dictatorship of the left has emerged from this word. Gujarati lexicon does not have this word. This word is not even in America’s prestigious Mariam-Webster dictionary. The dictionary. According to the comm it means a person with over confidence who gives advice, opinion, test, criticize on subjects that he knows nothing about, no knowledge. They are not experts on that subject. Banbhai believes that suicide is manifested in communist or socialist people, when they claim their own kakko true without knowing, understanding. Oh brother! Do you know anything about the subject or that’s it, you keep shooting in the air like this.
Sometimes we have entertained our soul like this.
The things that I did not understand myself have explained to others – Nida Fazli
The story of the word ‘ultracrapidarian’ has come to something. Ancient Greek painter Appelize drew a portrait of the great Alexander and displayed it publicly. Asked for advice and suggestions from people. A mochi saw it. He drew the attention of the painter Appelies that in the feet of Alexander
There are less loops painted in this picture than the sandals that should be. The painter thanked Mochi and made necessary improvements to the sandals painted in the picture. Mochi then climbed the ritsar’s chanak. It happened to him that I am like that. B. A. (I know everything! ). So he started to create objection in Alexander’s feet and clothes. The painter said, ′′ Sutor, ‘ and ultra crepidum.” This story was told by Roman writer Philosoph Plini the Elder, so these are Latin words and if we do Gujarati, ′′ Mochi, not on sandals.” Hey Mochi, your capability is the sandals of the feet It is upto me, don’t try to go above it or to show pride by going above it. Many years after the incident, an essay of a British essayist William Hazlitt (1778-1830) was printed in ‘Quarterly Review’ magazine. In reply, the essay wrote a letter to the magazine’s editor by knocking. Written that anyone who criticizes the creator without knowledge of a present subject should be known as an ultracrapidarian. And for the first time the word ‘ultracrapidarian’ was created. ‘Ultra’ means above, beyond limits or out of reach. And ‘crapida’ means sandals. ‘Crepidarius’ means sandal sewing alias Mochi. Mochi don’t go over the sandals. Please do not share the knowledge of which there is no knowledge, please! Of course, the proponent of communism Kal Marcus called this nonsense. Mochi can also say if the original Sony James Watt steam engine, the original digestive Richard Archright thrussel machine (fibre weaving fibers from Rs.) or the original Sony Robert Fulton steamship (fireboat) That except the sandals in this picture, this and this and this….. are flaws. However we think we should think before giving advice. If you do not have access to the foot, then name should not be written in the cannon. Isn’t it?
Years ago, a wonderful play named ‘Mosam Chalke’ of great actor Pravin Joshi came out. A man and a woman, both married but not together. They decide to spend a night stolen in a hotel once every year. This series goes on for many years. Same day of the year, same hotel, same room, same bed. Critics had also given the nickname of this play Gutter Chhalke. One critic wrote that here every year’s talk is also like that even after so many years, why is the shining of the bed like that? Don’t you feel the rust? I think this is called an ultracrapidarian critic. Pravin Joshi, though in reply, said that at one time in Moscow there was a drought of boots, slippers, sandals and Marilyn Monroe went out to roam on Redsquare wearing sandals in her feet even in her birthday attire. And then the whole Moscow saw Marilyn Monroe’s sandals!
Who gives advice to people in the subject that don’t know anything, don’t have knowledge? The name of the politician comes first. But we talk about man. Of the common man. There is no one who is all wise. Don’t advise anyone, don’t criticize, don’t assume anything, don’t accept anything, don’t imagine anything. And if you want to give advice or criticize, then only do it when someone wants, wishes, wishes. And a compulsory condition. Give only if you know. Arrows in the dark.. Otherwise, let it be, brother! If you have a lot of illiteracy in your mind, if you have the talent to distribute knowledge, then go to the leaf and abuse the politician. Social media is also a leaf lane, brother. Remove the anger of mind there. Iti.
The word last:
′′ People who matter in small and trivial matters should be known as ultracrapidarian critic.”-Essayer William Hazlitt

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