The life-force PRANA.

kanak bhai asked: “I would appreciate your evaluation of the following where in  SatyNarayanDas Babaji has

interpreted the life-force PRANA.” as per link: per late S N Tavaria a parsi gentelman and our spiritual guide till 1994 in body– has explained all these in diagrammatic summary–in my rough explanation-prana enters at the time of birth and rotates between Mooladhar and Swadhisthan and due to that our whole system becomes active and first cry and then machine -pumping etc starts..our breathing is 36 per minute for 9 months as need for fast development-then 18 per minute for another 9 months and then 12 per minute till we are of 27 months..there after we are influenced by society– and taught many things and while following or not following our rhythm of 12 breathing is disturbed to different  and more breathing and we become socially influenced -and so effect or power of prana is obstructed- and so we all have different personality –abnormal than a true human being– and true human has 1 breathing per minute–which syncronises with rhythm of prana- and we get adequate energy to remain as true human being..

so his emphasis was to learn this natural rhythm of breathing – he called 3srb= 3 step rhythmic breathing. for details if interest you see his web sight and study.: and there see tab 3srb: –>

then technique: –> –read this completely…

…and there are enough FAQ–only if interest further.

two of his disiple Digant Desau  and Deepak Dhingra as later given lecture talk  at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the worlds largest free patient education library

hope this may help to know about prana a bit as per ancient theories.


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